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    An opportunity to
    be challenged by art and beauty

    Sprech's ongoing commitment to the promotion of design, architecture and innovation has lead the company to transform its R&D department into a contest for young talents.
    In the past 2 years, Sprech has sponsored Agorà Design, an exhibition that represents the final phase of the contest dedicated to architects and designers.
    An art biennial that takes place in the historical centre of Martano (Lecce, Apulia), where the company has its headquarters, transforming it into a melting pot of experiences, ideas, projects and professional skills.
    During these years, Sprech has strongly aimed at giving an international dimension to the event, hosting prestigious names of the architecture and design industries, among which: Stefano Boeri, Benedetta Tagliabue, Marco Rainò.
    Names that are accompanied a rich calendar of speeches, lectio magistralis, workshops that have seen the participation of more than 50 speakers and thousands of guests.

    The square,
    the ideas, the contest.

    The event aims at enhancing each step leading to the creation of something new: ideas, projects, choice of materials and production; as well as favouring the dialogue between new generations of professionals and employers. The programme of the event also offers the opportunity to discuss, in a lively manner, architectural and design issues, and future challenges, with a specific focus on: functionality, aesthetics and environmental sustainability.

    Agorà Design
    Contest 2020

    Coming soon

    Our contest, Agorà Design, is not only a prestigious showcase but also the opportunity to transform an idea and a simple sketch into a prototype.
    In fact, Sprech is committed to prototyping the most suitable projects with the aim of launching them on the market. The projects of some of the participants in the 2017 edition have been transformed into products that are now part of the Sprech catalogue and have been exhibited at Made 2019.



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