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    Arcostruttura System

    Covering structures for large areas

    Arcostruttura System

    Tunnel and cross vault fabric roof

    With tunnel-style stretched fabric roof designed as an arched structure, this model covers lengthy spaces and outdoor shelters, with a cross vault and four tunnels that meet at the centre, making it not only impressive but excellent for outdoor exhibitions and parties.

    Extraordinary ease of installation

    The supporting structures are particularly solid, the result of an in-depth study and designed to give you maximum safety. They come with relatively simple assembly systems, thanks to patented fabric joints, which makes assembly and expenses considerably easier, giving you the possibility of adding to an outdoor area with minimal difficulty, e.g. to create spaces for the guests of a tourist facility to relax in. The sizes available for the Arcotunnel gazebos are different, as this type of structure can be coupled, creating a real tunnel-like effect. The vaulted gazebos, thanks to their square shape and the openings placed on the four sides, can be easy coupled for the creation of even more varied display forms, in which the only limits are the available spaces and your imagination.

    Range of applications

    Both types of outdoor shelters designed with the arched structure system are also custom-made, based on the specifications requested by the customer. Arched gazebos and gazebos with cross vaults are the best possible way to cover a large space using a resource that is easy to install and lasts for a long time.

    These outdoor gazebos are a must for anyone who wants to organise an outdoor event that requires versatile coverage and a unique style. Even the overall weight of the whole structure is designed for easy assembly, having being reduced to the lowest weight possible without compromising its overall strength.