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    Cicogna System

    Outdoor gazebos with steel structure

    Cicogna System

    Covers for spaces of all sizes

    With a supporting steel structure, to which a hot-dip galvanising process is applied, the Cicogna System outdoor gazebos are available in different variants, ideal for covering spaces of all sizes, also since you can assemble and join together single gazebos. The architecture of the structures vary according to their purpose, and thanks to their versatility they can be easily inserted into any public space, like a town square, without bringing down the style of its surroundings, but rather enhancing it.

    The best materials for the best possible yield

    The materials used to create these structures are the best that can be found on the market and carefully chosen to give the best possible yield, also guaranteeing them resistance against time and weather conditions, without losing their original characteristics that make them such a high quality product. The fabric used to cover the outdoor Cicogna System gazebos is made using polyester fibres, to which a fireproof PVC coating is applied, which can be chosen in different colours from those in the catalogue.

    Range of applications

    The Cicogna System models are modern outdoor structures that you can use to cover your open spaces in the best way possible, ideal as gazebos for gardens to host parties and refreshments, but also as shelters for cars for dealers and retailers.

    The materials used to makes the poles that support the structure  are designed to withstand all conditions and the steel used is treated with an epoxy powder coating, with colours that can be altered according to your needs, to adapt perfectly to the environment they will be installed in.