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    Coastal environments SEASIDE RESORTS

    solutions for
    seaside resort design

    Sprech, being totally dedicated to flexible industrialisation, is equipped to take on the challenge of constructing beach facilities and sea-accessibility structures. These are solutions for stringent constraints and conflicting requirements: extreme lightness and reversibility but at the same time sturdiness and structural safety; a low environmental impact without compromising an exclusive design, an ability to accommodate enough people in durable structures yet resistant enough for a marine environment exposed to particularly aggressive weather conditions.

    torre lapillo

    Customised structure
    Seaside resort with stairs leading to terrace
    Covered surface: 170 sq.m.

    Kum Beach
    Club Alimini

    Customised structure


    Covering of relax area with Beach pergola
    Surface: 150 sq.m.


    Reception area for a seaside resort
    Made with an Albatros module and a fixed Q-Box pergola
    Surface of covering: 210 sq.m.

    Santa Maria
    di Leuca

    Blanc Luxury Beach Club seaside resort
    Covering relax area with Beach pergola


    Giro di boa Beach seaside resort
    Customised structure

    dei pini

    Reception area for a seaside resort
    Made with double-roof fixed Q-Box pergola
    Surface: 210 sq.m.