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    Q-Box System

    Pergolas with fixed or sliding rooves

    Q-Box System Pergolas

    Sophisticated structures for the hotel industry

    These free-standing pergolas in our Q-Box line are the perfect way to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, with a border that becomes increasingly invisible. The pergolas can be used as urban outdoor furniture, the ideal covers for bars and restaurants, and give you the possibility of expanding your business to the outside world.

    Outstanding flexibility

    In private settings, Q-Box pergolas can be used to furnish an outdoor area with style. Pergolas installed in the garden, or next to the pool, create a shady space that is perfect for when you need to relax. They’re versatile, and can be customised with steel pillars to cover large outdoor spaces or minimal aluminum pillars for small roofs. The roofs of the pergolas can be fixed or sliding, manual or automatic. LED lighting can be integrated into any model. The structures and the roofs can be customised with a choice of 40 different colours, without altering the original price.

    Usage contexts

    The Q-Box structures are made of hot-dip galvanised steel and are then electro-coloured with epoxy powders. They have structural features that allow them to cover large areas with a minimal number of pillars, and are available in many different variations, with finishing materials for the perimeter beams according to the preferences of the customer. These technical features are expressly designed to make the entire structure highly resistant to weather conditions and uniquely long-lasting, giving you a safe investment that will reward you for a very long time.

    It’s the perfect way to not only create an outdoor living space for a bar or restaurant, but also to stylishly decorate a garden or terrace. Q-Box gazebos and pergolas are the modern design choice for private customers as well as those in business. Tourist facilities will also benefit from their splendid characteristics, using them to widen their external spaces and create stunning areas for a dining room or a room for high-class breakfasts.