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    Sliding Glass Panels

    Perimetral closure systems

    Sliding Glass Panels

    light structures for all seasons

    These peripheral closing mechanisms, made from aluminium and glass, are ideal for creating a closed-off outdoor environment that can still be opened up when needed. It’s lightweight, and comes with cutting-edge technical solutions, allowing for quick installation and simple disassembly.

    Sliding glass panels with no maintenance costs

    The classic-style aluminum glazing, or made with a sliding ‘book’ system, feature a frame made with aluminum structures and laminated safety glass. In the perimeter fixed frame there is a track and a safety cylinder that allows you to close the window completely. This is particularly useful during all seasons, to offer shelter from the wind and rain or to maintain a comfortable temperature, and these products are extremely aesthetically appealing thanks to perfect attention to detail. The possibility of closing or folding the individual doors allows you to have large areas open when cleaning the floors or transporting tables, chairs and other furnishings used in bars, restaurants, businesses or private spaces. The aluminium is made from a durable material that is resistant to rust and oxidation, is ideal for ensuring a long life, without the need for additional maintenance costs. The external sliding glass windows give a panoramic view, using a packet-type side closing technology, obtained with the help of specific upper and lower designs, which are completed by a safety system that guarantees structural stability.