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The concept of urban regeneration, originated and developed by the Italian architectural and urban planning tradition, draws more and more on the culture of Anglo-Saxon and European urban renewal, with its wider perspectives, less focusd on construction and more on economic-cultural, social issues.

To intervene in policies of regeneration of urban systems, today means to implement the urban, housing, socio-economic, environmental and cultural conditions of the city. Sprech’s products follow this trend, with a particular interest for open air public spaces.

Cross vault

Custumised structure
Covering of market area
Covered surface: 2.240 sqm

Our urban scale projects concern distinctive and representative places, dedicated to social life and conviviality: from the covering of the market area in the town of Martano, to social spaces for adults, to children’s playgrounds, to dehors as elements of urban furniture for coastal towns.


Customised structure and restyling of bar kiosk
Surface: 210 sqm

Airone max

Custumised structure
Decagonal Gazebo Airone Max
Play area covering
Surface: 290 sqm