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    improve the life
    and increase the well-being of those who choose our products and adapt them to their spaces

    Sprech is a company with specific skills in the design, production and distribution in Italy and worldwide of modular covers, gazebos, pergolas, bio-climatic pergolas, marquees in high-resistance polyester fibre fabric and supporting structures in steel, aluminium and wood, for outdoor space arrangement.

    Our goal is to help our end customers make their dreams come true, by providing a reliable and durable Made in Italy architectural solution.

    Our commitment is to give greater visibility to the brand and to Italian and European excellence. If you choose Sprech, you choose product quality, safety, reliability, accountable industrial processes, environmental sustainability.


    Our strong technological know-how, acquired and continuously developed in more than 30 years of experience, supported by a highly-qualified technical team, enables our company to provide solutions for any market requirement. Research, design and production are all key activities for our company and are implemented in a constant dialogue among various international professionals, such as designers, architects, engineers, highly-qualified workers.


    Flexibility in the production of components enables us to adapt each part to specific project requirements. “Tailor-made” products can be based on any architectural idea, providing extremely functional solutions without compromising the aesthetic aspect. The whole production cycle takes place within the company: from surveys conducted at client's premises, to ideation, rendering, prototyping and finally production and supervision of the installation phase.


    All Sprech products aim at improving life quality and establishing the right relationship with the environment. Each solution can be adapted to any landscape and requirement for both public and private contexts. Functionality, attention to aesthetics and environmental sustainability are the principles that inspire Sprech projects, concepts that have always been behind the greatest challenges of design.

    specialised skills

    Technologies and new ergonomics, a happy marriage that can express the lifestyle of each of us. The collaboration among professionals, craftsmen and customers gives birth to a constant quest for beauty and, at the same time, for answers to the practical everyday needs. Design enables us to take back squares, parks, beaches, terraces, transforming spaces into comfortable ambients.

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