Pergolas with unique design, versatile and suitable for both small and large areas to create elegant spaces.

Sprech pergolas, represented by the QBox line, are the ideal solution for creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, with a borderline that becomes increasingly transparent. Pergolas can be used as urban dehors, ideal covers for bars and restaurants, with the possibility of expanding commercial activities outwards.

The pergolas installed in the garden or by the pool create an ideal shaded space for moments of relaxation.

In the private sphere, on the other hand, QBox Sprech pergolas can be used to furnish an outdoor space with style. QBox Sprech pergolas are customizable and versatile, with steel posts for covering large outdoor spaces or minimal aluminum posts for small-sized covers. The roof can be fixed or sliding, manual or with automatic movement. The LED lighting can be integrated into any model. Among the optionals available: platform, side windows, audio system, wi-fi system.


Wood or aluminum pergolas with sliding roofs

Elegance for gardens, beaches and poolsides.Discover

Pergolas with fixed or mobile roofs

Prestigious items for hospitality, they can be used as city terraces for bars and restaurants.Discover

Pergolas with sliding roofs

Freestanding or wall-mounted retractable pergolas that meet the needs of the commercial and private sectorsDiscover