Bioclimatic pergolas

QBox Shade bioclimatic pergolas were created in response to the need for liveable outdoor spaces in all seasons, without sacrificing essential and innovative design that can adapt to any type of landscape. These structures adhere to a concept of transparent architecture, in which the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces is almost imperceptible. They provide a comfortable space to shelter from the rain in winter and from the sun's rays in summer, to enjoy the breeze in spring, and to observe the colors of fall.

The thermal break blocks the transmission of heat between the two aluminum slats and, thanks to the option of interior foam insulation, thermal inertia can be increased and any noises cushioned.

Bioclimatic pergolas

Ideal for the extension of outdoor areas

The Sprech catalog features seven different models of the QBox Shade bioclimatic pergola, to suit any design requirement:

There are many advantages to a bioclimatic pergola: it adapts to weather changes, however small, and blocks sunlight, protecting against UV rays; it also offers protection from the rain, and the enviroment under the pergola's roof always remains pleasantly ventilated thanks to the easy adjustment of the slats and the brightness at any time of day. In addition to all these benefits are the thermal break directional or retractable aluminum slats. All models are available in over 40 different colors at no extra cost. The movement of the slats is automated and remote controlled.

Thanks to the simplicity of its installation, the structure can be moved from one area to another very easily. The new structures in steel and aluminum, single or modular, can be made to measure and cover even very large spaces, with crossbars of up to 6 meters without intermediate uprights, thanks to the heavy reinforced beam, or up to 10 meters with intermediate uprights. Regarding design, this is extremely esthetically pleasing, with an urban, modern and minimalist style, and fits easily into a natural space or near a private pool.

You can create an elegant and modern courtyard with a shaded area sheltered from rain, or an external space for a bar or a restaurant, using a structure with simple yet totally original shapes. This automated pergola can be completed with gazebo windows for a perimeter that is protected but still lets in the light. A solution that results in a place that can be enjoyed both at the hottest time of year and on winter afternoons.