Bioclimatic pergolas

QBox Easy

Bioclimatic pergolas QBox Easy

QBox Easy is a simple, lightweight bioclimatic pergola with a directional roof, suitable for small spaces.

Aluminum load-bearing structure

Stainless steel base plates

Up to 500 cm wide and 500 cm overhang, without intermediate pillars

Units can be combined

Directional slats

Freestanding or wall fixed units

Integrated LED lighting

Perimeter closures


Audio system, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Colors available

The QBox Easy is a compact pergola, making it the ideal outdoor solution if you need to optimize space.Thanks to its motorized directional roof with remote control, the QBox Easy bioclimatic pergola guarantees pleasant temperature and ventilation in the space underneath. In the event of rain, the built-in gutter system in the uprights ensures the water is drained effectively, unseen from under the roof.

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