Bioclimatic pergolas

Shade with adjustable roof

Bioclimatic pergolas Shade with adjustable roof

The bioclimatic Shade pergola with adjustable roof can meet any urban furnishing need or enhance sophisticated private settings.

Steel or aluminum load-bearing structure

Freestanding or wall fixed units

Units can be combined

Directional aluminum slats in small or large size

Insulated roof slats

Up to 500 cm wide and 700 cm overhang, without intermediate pillars

Up to 1020 cm overhang with intermediate pillars

Integrated LED lighting

Perimeter closures

Colors available

The new single or modular structures in steel and aluminum can be made to measure, and can cover even very large spaces without intermediate uprights. The adjustable aluminum slats can be moved by remote control and guarantee protection from sunlight, while at the same time offering the fresh air of the outdoors. The thermal break slats create a completely comfortable environment at any time of year.

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