Bioclimatic pergolas

QBox Blue

Bioclimatic pergolas QBox Blue

The QBox Blue bioclimatic pergola features a dual movement system that allows the direction of the slats and their opening or closing to be adjusted separately.

Dual movement of slats

Dual automation to give different levels of ventilation

Slats can be oriented, closed or retracted

Shelter from UV rays, rain and wind

Made in Italy quality guarantee

The directional and retractable roof allows you to regulate light, ventilation and appearance to suit your needs, with a choice of numerous combinations. Customized slant and opening or retraction of the protective slats makes the outdoor space an oasis of well-being and creates a perfect microclimate, protected from wind and rain. Whether your space is residential, urban or commercial, the design of the QBox Blue pergola is ideal for any setting, as the visual impact is limited by the shade slats, which retract inside the perimeter of the frame, completely eliminating any asymmetrical effect.


Integrated LED lighting creates a great atmosphere from dusk to late night and, with the option of glass side panels, you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle at any time of year.

Colors available

A genuine example of clean, linear and transparent architecture. The robust structure guarantees the stability, durability and safety that are expected in a product made entirely in Italy. The Qbox Blue pergola is available in a limited edition in colors from AkzoNobel, a sector leader operating in over 150 countries. Customization with AkzoNobel colors, certified Qualicoat Class 2, guarantees exceptional durability and maximum retention of gloss, colour stability and resistance to UV rays.

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