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High-quality bespoke wooden furnishings for beach hospitality

Sprech is a technical partner of Beach Concept, specializing in the management of beach clubs, hotels and events. Conceiving, designing and manufacturing bespoke beach clubs requires specialist skills, technical expertise and a holistic vision that includes design and environmental sustainability.

For its work in Europe, Beach Concept chose Sprech, adding tensile structures to its wooden features for greater protection from the weather.

To meet the needs of various types of clients, space design and decor are both essential; one of the requirements of companies operating beach clubs is the availability of turnkey projects. When it comes to designing a beach club, it is better to have fewer interlocutors, but with specialist skills.


Beach Concept has over two decades' experience in the design of beach clubs, and it has established a network of partners, from Indonesia to Europe. Beach Concept structures are characterized by superb quality bespoke wooden features: floors, panels, pergolas, benches, picket fences, furniture and decor for a unique style.

Creating the identity of a beach club is not the exclusive domain of the owner. To create a beach club you need owners, architect, technical partners and, finally, customers. It's essential to follow the customers' preferences in terms of esthetics and amenities. Every space is designed to meet the customers' needs.

Sprech complies with the criteria that form the basis of the Beach Concept vision.

All structures must be made to measure, and guarantee stability; they must be easy to instal and dismantle; functionality must go hand in hand with esthetics. Sprech ticks all these boxes. Working exclusively with bespoke projects means not being content with standard solutions, resulting in maximum esthetic effect and great performance.