Dimora Vignali

Contract Dimora Vignali

A low-impact 19th-century residence in a Mediterranean setting.

For Dimora Vignali, Sprech created a modular outdoor solution to cover a large space using Mercurio pergolas. We discussed the details of the project in a conversation with the owner of this exclusive venue. Dimora Vignoli is a reproduction of a 19th-century residence that offers all the comforts of a modern hotel, two aspects that seem contradictory but are actually perfectly combined in the concept and the architectural design.

In architectural terms, the building is a reproduction of a 19th-century residence, built in 2000 for the Vignali family.

Dimora Vignali is a venue for exclusive private events. The project stems from the family's desire to live outside the city in a quiet natural area. A family wedding caused the Vignali family to understand the building's potential, leading to the idea of turning it into an exclusive venue. Today Dimora Vignali is an exclusive destination for unforgettable events.


Looking at the interiors of the building, we noticed that every component sits side by side with the existing features without overwhelming them, so that they fit perfectly in their surroundings. It is the same with our pergolas. The Dimora is surrounded by a Mediterranean landscape, and everything is designed to create harmony between the interior and the setting.

To extend the space available for guests' use, the Vignali family chose to instal Mercurio pergolas, a modular system with integrated lighting and glass side panels. A low-impact solution that allows guests to enjoy the outdoors at any time of year. Sprech provided all the necessary support: specialist staff, high-quality materials and assembly, and oversaw every stage of the project.

Thanks to their sleek esthetics, Mercurio pergolas blend into their surroundings and create simple, clear harmony.

The built-in lighting of the Mercurio pergolas provides the perfect nighttime atmosphere for exclusive events. The option of retracting the roof allows views of the sky, and the glass panels give an immersive experience with the surrounding nature. Sprech's professionalism in design, execution and installation was highly valued by the Vignali family, who have been able to expand their offer to customers thanks to the outdoor structures.