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Designer structures that are functional and low-impact, in continuity with the sea and the natural surroundings.

The Reem Beach Club, located in Torre Pali on the Ionian coast of Salento, arises from the need to offer unparalleled tailor-made facilities in an area famous for its beautiful beaches and unspoilt nature. Reem Beach is a place for unique experiences, thanks to the facilities on offer: beach club, relaxation area, kids' zone, guarded parking lot, restaurant, pizzeria and grill in a stunning natural setting.

The name Reem is an acronym for Ratta Edoardo Elia Martina, the children of Cosimo Ratta, entrepreneur and owner of Reem Beach.

Beach clubs serve an extremely broad and varied public. To meet the needs of all kinds of customers, the idea was to create something made to measure, dividing the areas to ensure the enjoyment of adults and children alike, and with a particular focus on accessibility, to guarantee a relaxing experience for people with disabilities.


Every area of Reem Beach is designed to offer a different experience: in the lounge bar you can relax in the morning and enjoy nighttime events with a DJ station. For those who love tranquillity, there are private areas with Beach pergolas, offering a comfortable and private shaded space to enjoy lunch, aperitifs and dinner. A jacuzzi, open to all guests, completes the relaxing experience. There is a wide choice for lunch and dinner, with menus from the restaurant, the grill and the pizzeria.

Behind the Reem Beach project was an enormous amount of work, which concluded with the opening of the club on 2 June 2022. The aim was to offer exclusive facilities and guarantee a very special holiday. Creating the identity of a beach club is not an simple matter. The idea was to construct a complex yet distinctive identity, with a tailor-made beach club with plenty of space and amenities to cater for all types of visitors.

Each area meets a specific need, and all are in harmony with the natural surroundings. For Reem Beach, Sprech supplied:
bespoke products and services, carefully contextualized for the setting
the expertise of engineers, architects and technicians
professional assembly
professional assembly
The Sprech outdoor solutions at Reem Beach are:
Beach pergolas used in relaxation areas, lounge area with DJ station and cocktail bar.
Restaurant and bar area with directional bioclimatic pergola, complete with scenic glass panels that create a unique space in continuation with the outdoors.
Showers and toilet area
Private area with Beach Wave pergolas with slack fabric cover system.
It's not always easy to combine design, functionality and low environmental impact.

Thanks to Sprech, these three concepts came together simply. Sprech structures are designer items, functional and low impact, which fit perfectly in the setting. Surrounded by nature, the Beach Wave pergolas, the bar & restaurant area, beach units, sunbathing zone and shower & toilet block make Reem Beach a very special place, a continuation of the sea and unspoilt nature.