Tenuta Sant’Elia

Contract Tenuta Sant’Elia

Streamlined, transparent architecture integrated with the existing building, with wonderful views

Tenuta Sant’Elia is a historic 16th-century farmstead that was restored and refurbished in the 90s. Over time, the farmhouse became a hotel, and the ideal venue for events and weddings. The new use gave rise to the need to increase the covered areas, and the decision was taken to cover the large inner courtyard. We were entrusted with the project, and took care of the design, execution and installation.

Sprech's technical and professional expertise were vitally important in such an ambitious project.

The result is a transparent roof that blends perfectly with the existing architecture, creating a wonderfully harmonious space. The structure was built using Marte pergolas with steel trusses and a double retracting system in Trio Crystal in the lower section and PVC in the upper section. Trio Crystal is a PVC film with great transparency and flexibility, and extraordinary dimensional stability, making it ideal for large-format projects. It was developed by the R&D lab at Giovanardi, to guarantee maximum performance in any situation.


At Tenuta Sant’Elia, Trio Crystal gives the structure excellent esthetics and the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding landscape in utter comfort. The lightweight, flexible solution means that rooms can be easily opened and closed, for adaptable indoor and outdoor spaces. This led to the creation of a unique reception room open to the heavens, with capacity for 400 guests.

The roof ensures protection from sun, rain and wind, and at the same time the retractable pergola system allows the room to be ventilated and offers scenic views. The sleek, transparent architecture of the structure has a key advantage: it is perfectly integrated with the existing building and allows panoramic views although the space is enclosed. However, the versatile nature of retractable pergolas means that the space can be altered when necessary, for example, in bad weather or when a completely darkened space is required.

A winter garden on a large scale.

Guests who have experienced the structure, particularly at night, have appreciated the views of the starry night sky. The sky becomes an integral part of the venue: just look up to see its beauty. Another thing guests love is the feeling of being in a comfortable place where the temperature is regulated naturally, thanks to the dual retracting system of the pergolas.