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    Robinson Club Apulia Ugento (LE)

    Unique design
    and respect of environmental sustainability

    Robinson Apulia Resort, with its 210,000 square metre surface, is a magnificent club-resort located in the heart of the Mediterranean scrub, in a strip of protected coast, consisting of: a dune and retrodunale system, a series of tidal basins and canals, an imposing fossil cliff with ravines. The award-winning German brand Robinson, a chain of twenty-four resorts in fourteen different countries, stands out in the Club Hotel industry for a structured vision of rigorous service standards, social and environmental sustainability policies.

    Framed sail

    Play area covering
    Customised structure
    Covered surface: 180 sqm

    Robinson has chosen Sprech to supply outdoor solutions because of our company’s ability to fully embrace its values and meet the high quality and sustainability standards. Sprech has created for Robinson Club Apulia the coverings of the Family Club and of the restaurant area, testifying to the capacity of the production line to combine functionality, impact and environmental sustainability, distinctive design, in compliance with specific benchmarks.

    Bio-climatic pergola
    Q-Box Shade 1

    Covered surface: 230 sqm


    Belvedere Maxi Up shelter
    Customised structure
    Surface: 190 sqm