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The Beach Bamboo pergola combines the properties of polycarbonate, used in the double support system, and the attractiveness of a totally natural roof.

Winner at the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022, and effectively included in the international catalog of design excellence, the Beach Bamboo pergola combines the elegance, warmth and extraordinary attractiveness of a roof in natural bamboo with the solidity of a robust modern structure.

Aluminum load-bearing structure (100X100 - 126X126)

Polycarbonate supports

Width up to 400 cm

Roof with double layer of bamboo cane


The robust polycarbonate supporting system allows the bamboo roof to be securely held, guaranteeing a shady space. Bamboo is a material with extraordinary versatility and mechanical resistance, earning it the nickname of plant steel. In the Beach Bamboo pergola, the innovative support system with double polycarbonate track ensures the roof can withstand any kind of weather, and rainwater runs off easily.

Colors available

The combination of the double runner aluminum or polycarbonate support system and the double-layered bamboo roof gives excellent insulation from the heat. In addition, these two elements create a roof that can withstand rain and bad weather. Bamboo is very fast-growing, providing a resource with an extremely low environmental impact. In approximately 8 months, the bamboo plant can reach a height of 20 metres, and a diameter of between 5 and 30 cm. In terms of sustainability, both the bamboo roof and the aluminum used in the structure can easily be reused and disposed of at the end of their life cycle. The Beach Bamboo pergola is the perfect addition to a natural setting, creating a space that is completely in tune with the environment.

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