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    Pagoda System

    Minimalist outdoor gazebo

    Pagoda System

    Gazebos with visible bearing structures

    Outdoor coverings designed and built to fit perfectly into any environment, from the most classic covering for gardens and outdoor spaces for private use, to coverings for outdoor areas for commercial use. The distinguishing feature that all of our Pagoda gazebo models have in common is the sturdy and long-lasting visible bearing structure, made of hot-dip galvanised steel, with a covering sheet made of fireproof PVC material, for a modern and versatile gazebo suitable for any occasion.

    Unique flexibility

    Thanks to these unique characteristics, they are useful for covering large open spaces for fairs or for providing shelter for private areas. The choice of the different sizes available allows for extraordinary versatility; each model is can be perfectly adapted to meet any requirement, private or public, always giving maximum safety coverage and with the best design using cutting-edge technology.

    Range of

    Pagoda gazebos are the ideal choice for all those who want an outdoor gazebo with a minimalist appearance but optimal performance, the perfect canopies for those who want a protected area in their garden, and for those who want external sheltering for their business. All the structures built using the Pagoda System are great for use even on beaches, for a useful shelter on the sunniest of days. Even from inside you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze, and it can also be transformed into an excellent solution for a hospitality facility, offering customers an additional high-class service.

    You can create them in public or private poolside areas, for example, they’re great for use as a sheltered space for swimming competitions, and they’re even perfect installed in city centres for fairs or parties, thanks to their solid and reliable structure and how easy they are to install, which keeps assembly and disassembly times to a minimum, thereby also reducing costs. They can also be used for restaurants for special events, such as weddings or parties, and these structures can easily expand their capacity in a fast and versatile way, further reducing costs.