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Architecture, temporariness
and reversibility for Expo

A Universal Exhibition is a journey in ephemeral worlds, an imaginative path where architectural thought, the sphere of temporariness and the theme of the exhibition dialogue with each other.
This skillful mix generates manifold spatial mutations, causing reflections that are strictly intertwined with daily life events.


Architectural and functional solutions
in perfect balance with the environment

Urban regeneration, an approach originating in Italy and developed by Italian architects and urban planners, is more and more focusing on the Anglo-Saxon and North-European culture of urban renewal, with its wider outlook, concentrating less on constructions and more on economic-cultural as well as social issues. Implementing urban system regeneration policies currently requires a focus on urban planning, housing, socio-economic, environmental and cultural needs within cities. Sprech's products are conceived to answer these needs, with a particular attention given to open-air public spaces. Urban-scale projects are linked to special places, devoted to the social life of the community: from the covering of market stalls in the village of Martano, to social spaces for adults, to children recreational facilities, to dehors as urban furniture elements for seaside towns.


Solutions for shading and
protection of outdoor areas

When you choose to spend your holidays in a tourist resort, you're looking for a place where you can relax, without worries, in facilities than can provide maximum comfort. Outdoor areas in these resorts therefore require the best fittings, such as shaded areas next to swimming pools, bioclimatic pergolas for bars and restaurants, shade sails for the hottest hours of the day. Cds Hotel, Robinson Club, Savoy Le Grand Hotel Marrakesh, Vivosa Apulia Resort have chosen Sprech to provide their customers with the best open-air experience.


Lightness and solidity for
coastal environments

The coastal environment, a temporary boundary between land and sea is, by its nature, a complex territory. Architectural projects built in coastal areas are required therefore to answer the needs of seaside tourism, an economic development opportunity for the local area, while respecting the landscape and environment in which they are located. In compliance with relevant European directives, a new, integrated approach to managing and planning coastal zones is taking shape, giving birth to major coastal pilot projects, in which Sprech is playing a significant role.

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