Classic System


Pergola Venere

The Venere pergola is an advanced retractable roofing system with waterproof and fire-resistant fabric; it is ideal for creating a relaxation area on a terrace or covering a veranda.

Aluminum load-bearing structure

Automated retractable roof

Maximum overhang 600 cm

Roofing fabric in MAX COVER blackout PVC

Integrated LED lighting

Units can be combined

Steel supporting structure

Colors available

The fabric used for the Venere pergola is resistant to high temperatures and moisture; a special acrylic coating makes it very easy to clean. The fabric slides in tracks at either side; when completely closed, a protective cover shelters it from the elements, preventing wear and tear when not in use. The Venere pergola has an automated sliding system with radio control; the pergola can be fixed to a wall, and is available with the addition of an integrated lighting system.

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