Classic System


Pergola Helios

In a private residential setting, the installation of a HELIOS pergola with built-in photovoltaic panels offers all the benefits of an outdoor space plus savings on your energy bill.

Steel or aluminum load-bearing structure

Freestanding or wall fixed units

Motorized roofing system with integrated solar panels

Translucent PVC ceiling panel

Insulated panels

Integrated LED lighting in ceiling

Upper grid roof

Colors available

The Helios retains all the functions of a conventional pergola: adjustable ventilation, the option of glass walls, great customization for color and size, integrated lighting, sleek design and minimal bulk. The inverter and the battery of the photovoltaic system are stored in a built-in cabinet, supplied.
Depending on the exposure of the area, when installing the pergola the solar panels can be tilted towards the side with more exposure, to maximize energy production and accumulation.

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