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QBox Bamboo

Pergola QBox Bamboo

Thanks to the dual track system, we can create a bamboo (or Mediterranean cane) cover for the inner and outer roof or wall of a structure.

Aluminum load-bearing structure (80X80 - 100X100 - 126X126)

Width up to 500 cm

Width up to 500 cm

Cover in Soltis 88 micro-perforated PVC


Contemporary architecture is increasingly attracted to experimentation with natural materials; Asia is no longer so far away and even in Europe bamboo is being used not only for decoration, but as an architectural material. Bamboo is extremely versatile and resistant, leading to its nickname, plant steel.

Colors available

The advantage of this product is the combination of aluminium or polycarbonate, used to make the dual track support system, and the beauty of a completely natural covering. The robust polycarbonate or aluminum supporting system allows the bamboo roof to be securely held, guaranteeing a shady space. The combination of the double runner aluminum or polycarbonate support system and the double-layered bamboo roof gives excellent insulation from the heat. In addition, these two elements create a roof that can withstand rain and bad weather.

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