Pergolas QBox System

Beautiful reception areas with fixed or moving roofs

In private settings, QBox pergolas can be used to furnish outdoor areas with style. Installed in the garden or by the pool, pergolas create a shady space that's perfect for relaxation. They are customizable and versatile, with steel uprights for large outdoor space covers or slimline aluminum uprights for smaller areas. The roof can be fixed or sliding, operated manually or automated. LED lights can be included in any model. The structures and roofs can be customized with a choice of 40 different colors, without affecting the listed price.

Hotels will benefit by using pergolas to extend their outdoor spaces, create gorgeous dining areas or a classy breakfast room.

The QBox structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel electrically coated with epoxy powders. The pergolas' structural features allow them to cover large areas with a minimal number of uprights, and they are available in many different variations, with a choice of finishes for the crossbars. These technical features are expressly designed to make the entire structure highly resistant to weather conditions and uniquely long-lasting, giving you a safe investment that will reward you for a very long time. Ideal for the creation of an outdoor space for a bar or restaurant, but can also add a stylish touch to a garden or a square; QBox pergolas are the modern designer choice for private individuals and businesses.