QBox System

QBox Linea

Pergolas QBox Linea

The modern elegance of the Qbox Linea pergola allows you to make the most of your space.

Steel structure

Option of integrating perimeter closures such as drop curtains or glassed surfaces.

Concealed attachment of inclined crossbars as standard

Integrated lighting along the perimeter of the structure

Freestanding or wall-mounted units

Up to 600 x 600 cm without intermediate pillars

Up to 10 m overhang with intermediate perimeter pillars

Maximum ease of assembly and disassembly

Option of removing the intermediate pillars by reinforcing the perimeter beam

Units can be combined

Linear roof consisting of a textile membrane integrated with the height of the perimeter beams to provide minimal esthetic impact

Protection from UV rays, rain and wind

In accordance with the conditions of the UNI EN 12056 standard, the gutter system ensures maximum rainwater capacity and provides integrated drainage in the pillars

Integrated lighting along the crossbeams of the structure

Sound system

Perimeter glazing or closures


The Qbox Linea pergola’s esthetic linearity makes it a true one of a kind. The fixed textile membrane roof provides protection from rain, sun and wind. The possibility of fitting perimeter closures and LED or RGB perimeter lighting means that the Linea System can be used in all seasons of the year and at all times of the day.

Available colors

The ease of assembly makes the Linea System unique, and it is available in a steel version. The Qbox Linea Pergola is available in two beam variants and the AC1 Plus version has a maximum size of 10 m. Available in Qbox and Decor versions. Depending on the size required, the Qbox Linea is available in Linea Base, Linea Medium and Linea Big options.

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