QBox System

Qbox Tenso

Pergolas Qbox Tenso

The Tenso System represents a major innovation in textile roofs and a true revolution in the design of Sprech products.

Aluminum or steel frame with stainless steel corner joints and base plates (for aluminum version)

Option of integrating perimeter closures such as drop curtains or glassed surfaces.

Maximum ease of assembly and disassembly

Up to 600 cm width and 600 cm overhang, without intermediate pillars

Up to 10 m with intermediate pillars in the steel version

Units can be combined

Fixed roof structure with tensioning system consisting of two patented textile membrane sheets

In accordance with the conditions of the UNI EN 12056 standard, the gutter system ensures maximum rainwater capacity and provides integrated drainage in the pillars.

Freestanding or wall-mounted units

Integrated lighting along the perimeter of the structure

Sound system

Perimeter glazing


Unlike other models, units with Tenso tensile roofs do not require inclined metal crossbars to provide support. Instead, they incorporate two textile membrane sheets that are provided with the necessary tensioning by an invisible internal mechanism. This minimizes visual impact, balancing the vertical tensioning between the upper and lower surfaces of the frame.

Available colors

The unique, innovative Tenso tensioning system is patented. The Qbox Tenso with fixed roof is available in 42 colors and four limited Sprech Special Colors, with Qualicoat Class 2 certification, guaranteeing exceptional superdurability with the highest levels of gloss retention, color stability and UV resistance.

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