Isola market, Milan

Urban Area Isola market, Milan

A completely tailor-made project that signals a new identity for Isola Market

Two years after the start of redevelopment work, 2022 saw the reopening of the Zara covered market in Milan's Piazzale Langosta, which has changed its name to Mercato Isola, but retains all its characteristics as a local market. As a technical partner, Sprech contributed to the urban redevelopment of Isola Market with the installation of terraces with glass side panels, heating and air-conditioning systems and Wi-Fi.

The redevelopment project involved upgrading the original building, opened in 1946, to comply with new legislation.

As well as selling fish, meat and cheese, the original market stalls had a kitchen where customers could sample the products. Isola market will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to midnight every day, offering a new service to the area's residents. It will also be Milan's first plastic-free market.
In addition to refurbishing the existing building, the roof also needed replacing, with exposed wooden beams and compliance with fire safety standards, suitability criteria and energy saving.


The terraces designed by Sprech make up the two extended wings of the building, a filter between indoors and outdoors and an example of transparent architecture that does not change the shape of the existing structure. The terraces are intended for the consumption of food items sold and cooked in the market, but can also host events and local cultural initiatives linked to food and other topics.

As the building was listed as a Cultural Asset, any architectural intervention on the interior or exterior had to follow the Superintendent's instructions. The site has all the typical features of a local covered market, with stalls displaying all the favourite food items, but is expanded and renewed with the option of eating and entertainment in the shared spaces.